Airport Career Opportunity in UAE

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A city of opportunities for the people coming from the east. Anyone can earn a fortune here, if he opt for his field of expertise wisely. Dubai has been known of having the busiest airports in the world.
People are always in a hurry and scurry but the staff of Dubai airports control and keeps a check on every passenger. Dubai airports having the most enhanced technology i.e X-rays of the bodies to detect any smuggling of a illegal item, of luggage to ensure safe travel. In 1959 work on the Dubai International started on a great scale by getting offshore investments.

It was merely a wasteland that is now a piece of art. Next year, the airport was ready to accommodate passengers and to accomodate airplanes upto a size of a DC-3. Approximately three years later further facilities and services were inaugurated under the name of Dubai International. In 1969 Dubai was able to take passengers to 20 different destinations. This was a major landmark for the economy of Dubai. It accommodated a total of 9 international airlines.

In 1970s further development took place as the runways were extended, new terminals were built, imported machinery and instruments were introduced that took this airport to a whole other level. Airfield lighting and control/watch towers were built. Because of all these achievements Dubai Int. was enrolled in ACI (Airport Council International) and also became a member of the ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organisation).

Furthermore, a second runway was built meeting all the modern requirements of the time, equipped with the optimal landing and meteorologist instrument that led to the CATEGORY II classification of the airport. Terminal 2 provided a capacity of about 2 million passengers/annum. This capacity was further increased to 10-23 million because of the launch of the Terminal 1.
A major landmark in the aviation history of Dubai. In 2002, Dubai Int was ranked as the 2nd fastest establishing airport as published by the ACI. Now its considered to be the aviation hub for the East side. The climate that dubai has to offer is pretty rough and dry. People seeking jobs from countries having cool climates, think twice before getting an application form for any job there. If you assess yourself and find yourself comfortable in working in hard conditions then Dubai is the most optimal and well suited option for you mainly because of its high end pays.

When thrown light to get a job in an airport, people always think of a pilot. There are many other expertise in which you may get the job if your eligibility criteria meets the merit. The staff and the crew that are on board contributes little that keeps the system of flight schedules going. There are luggage handlers, aviation technicians and ticket agents. Careers that are offered by the airport management may include the following.

1. Jobs as flight attendants
2. Operations agent
3. Technician
4. Regional sales manager
5. Flight Dispatcher
6. Aviation meteorologist
7. Ramp planner
8. Station, Ticketing agent
9. Sales representative
10. Crew schedule coordinator

According to the department of Labour Statistics, labour makes upto 33% of airport employment including crew and flight attendants. One may choose anyone of the following fields and may excel as they provide major benefits instead of just a handsome pay.

The first officer may get a salary that averages from Dh15,000 to Dh25,000 while a captain may get a package of Dh30,000 to Dh50,000. A very good fortune indeed. A labourer may get a wage around Dh600-1500. A operation manager may get around Dh13,000-42,000. So, for jobs in airline category you may get an average Dh23,000 according to a consensus.

As the world knows that dubai is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and has a lot to offer, therefore oppurtunities are not so hard to find. Vacancies are always there. You need to put a little research to get info about the open slots in dubai airports. There are many agencies that help you to get a job there and make working in dubai a lot easier. The fast growing infrastructure of the airport requires more labour and management. This provides subtle oppurtunities to get airway jobs in dubai.

The requirments that are asked by the applicant getting a job in dubai airport vary with variations in salary, post and provisions. There are jobs in the labour department that require less qualification and academics. The most important that you must be able to get and show is legit visa and work
permit that allows a person to work and earn in dubai.
Visa process for Dubai is not such a big deal and you may get a tour visa easily. However to get a work permit visa is difficult. But different companies and agencies are there to help but they demand fee that is quite expensive sometimes.

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