Canada Airport Staff Worker Visa

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Canada is an amazing country of the North America continent and it is full of natural resources.
Moreover, this country pulls millions of immigrants, businessmen, tourists, students and other travelers throughout the year.
Canada is famous for its natural beauty, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and thick forests.
The country has fantastic tourism department that provides world class facilities to international tourists.
Canada has marvelous airports equipped with all modern facilities, services and qualified airport staff.
Canada airports handle huge influx of tourists and other people through its experience and skill airport staff.
Canadian airports often advertise their vacant position in leading English and French newspapers.
However, these jobs also announce in jobs adverting websites.

Canada Airport Staff Responsibilities:

Canada airport authorities always pick qualified employee to fill the vacant position in airport.
The airport staff performs their service’s round the clock according to their expertise.
The airport security staff offer world class security services to travelers and secure their assets.
The airport staff welcomes and guides the travelers.
They pick their luggage, scans and tags.
Similarly, the airport staff checks the traveling documents of the travelers and confirms thorough online facilities.
The airport staff transports the luggage of the travelers from the entry point to aircraft.
The airport manager is the responsible person and manages all types of the activities going on at the airport.
The traffic controller control landing and departing aircraft.
They also clear the airport from any type of hurdle.

Canada Airport Staffs Skills and Qualification:

The airport staff hired according to the qualification and experience that is why the airport manager must be equipped with master degree in management, business administration or equivalent.
The air traffic controller has relevant degree in air traffic controlling and experience.
Moreover, he must have good communication skills and coordination.
Air traffic controller use different types of devices like radars and online computers.
The airport staff also scans the baggage of the travelers and then properly tagging.
The representative of front desk of airport checks and confirms the air tickets of the travelers.
The security man securer’s the premises of the airport and alert to handle any type of mishaps.
The security man usually hired according to their qualification and training.
Moreover, physical fitness is also an important factor for the selection of airport security staff.


Canada Airport Staff Visa Process:

Once Canada airport authority select a suitable candidate for airport services, then he needs a valid works permit to live and work in this country.
The applicant of this work visa will applies at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or a Canadian visa office to work permit.
However, the overseas employee initially needs job offer letter from the Canadian employer or airport authority.
The airport authority in Canada will initially apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).
ESDC officials make a decision about the hiring or not the overseas employee for airport staff.
Canada has different types of work visa or permits and that is why they have different processes.
Canada work visa is released for a limited period and the employee applies to work visa after receiving the job offer letter from the employer.

Canada Airport Staff Visa Requirements:

Canada work visa is an official document that allows the foreign employee to live and work in this country legally.
This work visa has few basic requirements, which must be fulfilled by the airport staff work visa applicant.

The followings are few fundamental documents required from the employee or employer.

1. Valid passport of the airport job applicant and the validity of the passport should be more than sixth months.
2. Fresh color passport sized pictures of the applicant.
3. Academic documents copies like certificate, diplomas, degree or any other document.
4. Work experience certificate and covering letter if required.
5. Official proof of financial position in the form of bank statement.
6. Health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
7. Visa processing fee receipt that is usually paid by the employer.

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