Canada Farm Worker Visa

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Canada is a fantastic country for immigration, study and jobs.
This country has huge numbers of jobs in different capacities from industries to agriculture and then farming.
Canada consists of large are with thick forest and agricultural lands where there are different types of crops and fruits.
Canada is also famous for its agricultural products and vegetables throughout the world.
These farming activities and works need different types of relevant workers, but in this country they have shortage of such type of employee.
In this way Canada hires or inducts overseas workers for their agricultural activities or services.
All those workers which will come for the agricultural activities or farm working need Farm worker visa.
This Farm works visa is also famous with other names like Level C or D visas.
However, according to the occupations list of this country it is known as general farm worker, harvesting employee, agricultural harvest labor, pet groomers and animal care workers.
Nowadays this type of work visa is common and required by the majority of the developed countries of the world.

Canada Farm Worker Qualification:

Canada farm workers although do not require any specific qualification or experience, but they must know about the skills or harvesting or farming.
The farm workers carry out different task in the field like grows plants, watered crops, maintain farm machinery, use fertilizers, spray and other equipment.
Besides these there are some other services provided by the farm workers.
The common duties are clean stables, barns and clean other workplaces.
The farm workers also prepare land for the vegetable and crop growing.
There are some other activities which must be carried out by these employee or workers like sprayer, fertilizer spreading, loading unloading, farming and hay forming.
It is vital that the overseas farm workers must have good and stout physique.
The farm workers also coordinate with other employees like supervisors, managers and employer.

Canada Farm Worker Visa Process:

Canadian employer or farm owner initially issue job offer sponsor letter for the oversea farm worker.
The LIMA also permits for this then the process started.
This work farm work visa requires IMM 1295 Form with other supporting documents.
At the same time, the farm worker also need residency and for this the worker fill out the relevant form.

All relevant documents, job offer letter and visa form will be submitted by the farm worker in Canadian embassy of his own country.
The visa processing fee receipt must be attached with application.
The visa officer conduct interview, but for this the worker or applicant will get appointment from the visa officer.
The farm works visa is usually issued on the temporary bases.
It is temporary because according to assessment at that particular time this country face labor shortage for farm activities.

Canada Farm Worker Visa Requirements:

The farm works visa need a job offer letter from the employer.
The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is important to release farm work visa.
Similarly, physical fitness and basic awareness about the farm work and agricultural activities.

However, Canadian immigration department demands the followings important documents from the employee or farm work visa applicant.
1. Valid job offer or sponsor letter from the employer or farming company duly verified by authorities. The job offers letter contains the full details of the job and other conditions.
2. The Labor Market Impact Assessment report regarding the inducting foreign farm worker.
3. Valid passport of the farm worker visa applicant and other traveling documents.
4. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the Farm work visa applicant.
5. Health fitness certificate from the nominated hospital.
6. Security clearance certificate from the farm worker visa applicant country.

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