Canada Security Guard Visa

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Canada is situated in the North America continent and it is enlisted in the first world countries list. Canada covers vast area of this continent and has many natural resources.
However, security issues or concerns are prevailing each and every country of the world. Similarly Canada is also taking different measures and precautions to cope this worldwide issue of security.
Canada provides fantastic security to its inhabitants and their properties from any type of danger or risk.
Canada has appointed security guards in public places, shopping malls, beaches, educational institutes, hotels, offices, airports, industries, companies and other places.
The security guard continuously patrolling and securing their assigned area from the higher authorizes.
The security person always alerts and active to control any kind of mishap or criminal activity.
The security guard secures their given area on foot or use different types of vehicles.
The security men work under the rule and regulation and halt any suspicious person or vehicle.
The security guard also scans vehicle and individuals.

Security Guard Job Duties:

In Canada security guards are very professional and perform different types of services during their working hours.
The prime responsibility of the security guard is to secure and safe the lives and assets of the people from any kind of risk or threat.
The security person often appoints or assigned in specific area and they protect that region during their duty period.
They keep eye on the suspicious individuals, vehicles and other illegal activity round the clock.
The security guard also writes daily or weekly security report and present to higher authorities.
The security reports tell the ground reality of the security issues, concerns, flaws and weak points.
The security guard is not only a watcher or keeping the eye, but also performs some other task like accident, fire or any other misfortune.
The security professionals also monitor security cameras, alarm system, scanners, metal detectors and other security devices. Security guard stop the vehicles at the gate prior to enter in the premises he scans, check documents and get identification of the driver or any other staff.
The security men use all types of securities devices and assistance to cope any type of mishaps or disaster.

Security Guard Job Skills Requirement in Canada:

The security jobs vacancies normally published in newspapers as well as jobs advertising websites.
The security agencies or organization induct the security guard on his skills, experiences, expertise and qualification.
The security organization head try to appoint more experienced and qualified security guards to fill the vacant position within organization.
The security guard position in this country demands minimum one year relevant experience and necessary skills.
Similarly, the base line of education for this position is at least high school diploma or equivalent.
The physical fitness and sharp memory is also important factors for the appointment of the security guard.
There are different kinds of security devices and they are necessary in security process and that is why the candidate must be fully aware about these devices.
The fire arms also the part of the security job and the security guard must handle these arms easily.

Canada Airport Jobs Visa Process:

All security guard jobs advertised in different media including online jobs advertising websites.
The applicant of these jobs can apply online, but employer also provides their email, contact number, etc.
The online application is usually received on the given online application format.
In case the overseas security guard is selected for the vacant position then the employer will arrange work visa for that employee. The employer initially release job offer letter and then applies for Labor Market Impact Assessment.
This authority confirms whether any national is available for this vacant job or not in case there is no one available to get this advertised job then issue work permit.
The work permits allows the overseas employee to work in this country until the expiry of this work visa.

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