Canada Taxi Driver Visa

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Canada is a fantastic destination of educated and skilled immigrants from all over the world.
The immigrants from other region of the world migrate to this country because of its sound economy and job opportunities. Canada is situated in the North America continents and has plenty of resources including natural and artificial.
The country has huge industrial network with agricultural and farming products.
The visitors from other region of the world visit this country as well as the business community, traders, students and immigrants land in this country.
They all need transportation in the form of taxi from the airport to hotel and other places.
The taxi service in this country is amazing and there are numbers of taxi or cab companies in entire Canada and they continuously hire skilled, experienced and qualified taxi drivers.
The cab or taxi companies advertise their jobs in leading English and French newspapers.
These jobs advertised in jobs advertising websites.

Canada Taxi Driver Responsibilities:

In Canada taxi drivers perform outstanding service and the prime duty of the taxi driver is to ride the travelers to their desire destination with security.
The other important responsibility of the taxi driver is to care the vehicles and repair if there is any disorder in the vehicle.
It is also important that he must clean the check its different parts regularly like brakes, lights, oil, tires and other necessary parts.
Taxi driver in this country are very polite, experience and cooperative.
Taxi driver assist the passenger in loading and unloading their baggage.
Taxi driver must be aware about the prime destination or points of the city and can take the passenger without any assistance. Taxi driver jobs in Canada are available as part-time as well as full-time and they earn about $ 13 per hour.
The taxi driver must communicate in English or French and he must have at least high school qualification.

Canada Taxi Driver Qualification and Experience:

The taxi, driving jobs are common in this country and the majority of the taxi vehicles run under the supervision of the cab or taxi companies.
These companies or employer always try to hire qualified and experienced taxi drivers.
The main requirement for this taxi driver job is valid license of light vehicle.
The other important requirement is that taxi driver must be physically fit and alert.
The taxi drivers usually equipped with light vehicles class 1, 2 or 4 driving license.
Similarly, he has provincial or territorial commercial vehicle license class 4 or E.
Moreover, it is also vital he has one to two years relevant experience.
Taxi driver must keep clear record and there should be nothing against in the Police or other agencies.

How To Apply Canada Taxi Driving  Jobs:

The taxi drivers job normally published in leading newspapers and online websites.
The online websites offer online application facility through provided application format.
The interested candidate of these taxi driver jobs can apply online as well as make a contact on the provided email or phonic contact with employer.

Canada Taxi Driver Job Visa Procedure:

The cab or taxi companies advertise their jobs online as well as in newspapers.
Once they select the overseas taxi driver, then they arrange work visa for that particular employee.
The taxi company initially issues the job offer letter and gets the initial permission from the LIMA.
Similarly, the employee provides all required documents for this visa process to employer.
The employer filled out the specific visa application form and attaches all required documents including visa processing fee. The temporary resident visa Form also filled out by the employer on the behalf of the employee or taxi driver from overseas. Canadian immigration officer interview the employee through proper appointment.
The work visa is issued on temporary ground because of the report from the LIMA that we have shortage of employees.

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