Computer Operator Jobs in UAE

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Dubai is converting itself to digital world and converts all business and marketing on the internet or online. Similarly, there are thousands of companies and offices which make all transactions, dealings, assignments, and consignments through online or via computer. So computer is a modern device which solves almost all issues of the companies and an organization within no time. However, companies or institute must require a skilled, experienced and qualified individual to operate this machine. So, companies, industries, banks and private business hire computer operator for this purpose. In general, the computer operator performs different function, which is assigned by the company, but he usually enters data, save in database, and print out if required. The computer operator also mange and in order his computer and other appliances like printer, scanners, etc.
In Dubai computer operators are hired by the companies and organization and they work for them according to their instruction and guidance. The most initial responsibility of the computer operator is to update his computer or in working condition. The computer operator correspondence with other companies, banks and customers for orders supply, booking and delivery. The computer operator use the computer for billing, invoicing and stock monitoring in a company. Computer operator also ensures that all saved data of the company is secure and usually make backup for more security. There are various companies in Dubai which only hire the computer operator as billing clerk or answering queries. The computer operators perform different function in commercial organization and banks.
Educational level
The computer operator in Dubai companies or organization is usually skilled, experienced and have relevant qualification like bachelor degree in computer or high school diploma. Similarly, there are different types of computer related certification from computer institutes. Moreover, he must be aware about latest software and programs. Similarly, the computer operator has expertise in data processing, reporting skills, documentation skills and equipment understanding.
Personal qualities and behavior
In organization and companies the Computer operator normally excellent in behavior. They are professional in their work or duties. They perform their responsibilities outstandingly and mange all data. They are fantastic in record-keeping and data securing through backup. The Computer operator continuously enters data and connects the customers according to the instructions of organization.
In United Arab Emirates computer operators are usually experienced in their domains, but companies normally take computer operator who has minimum two years relevant experience. It is also vital for computer operator that he has a fantastic problem solving skills, communication skills, typing expertise and has understanding of software as well as hardware situated in computer.
Computer operator usually work in English in his computer or dealing with other companies or clients. However, in Dubai the customer or client in this part is usually known Arabic so it is necessary for the computer operator to understand these languages and evenly communicate.
Salary and other packages
In Dubai computer operator jobs have different tasks and work under different national and international organization that is why they earn differently. However, the average salary package for this job in Dubai and other UAE Emirates is AED 4000 to AED 4500 per month with other recommended facilities. In some cases the computer operator salary is adjusted through mutual understanding. These computers operator job are available part-time as well as full-time in different organization.

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