Data Entry Clerk Jobs in UAE

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Dubai and other UAE Emirates has thousands of offices which perform different function and they have various types of jobs including data entry clerk. The data entry clerk uploads data into company computer system. This required data is usually extracted from documents and for this purpose scanner, data recorder and key board is used. Data entry clerk used word processing or data processing software.
It is necessary for data entry clerk that he should be equipped with good typing speed and good observation of written material. This data is referred to data manager or any other officer, but confidentiality is vital. The organization or company trust on this uploaded data for references and future uses.

In Dubai offices induct more qualified and experienced data entry clerk to update data from reliable sources. The prime responsibilities of these jobs are like shifting of data from documents to computer database system and developing spreadsheet without error. It is also a core responsibility of the data entry clerk to testify data with genuine documents, regularly update available data, create data backup for security purpose.

Educational level:
Dubai data entry clerk jobs are common in this part of the world and the minimum educational level is intermediate or graduation from recognized institutes. Moreover, data entry clerk should have excellent data entry skill and equipped with fantastic computer literacy. He should be a good observer and have keen interest in given duties. The data entry clerk must be aware about typing, data entry skills.

Personal qualities and behavior:
Data entry job is interested because given task continuously change, but it demands analytic view. It is necessary for the data entry clerk that he has an ability to do both his job independently and as a team member. It is also compulsory for the data entry clerk that he keeps all data and information confidential.
He also has an ability of decision making independently and can analyze available information. Moreover, it is basic requirement from data entry individual that he has good moral values and personality should be attractive and cooperative.

Dubai and other UAE Emirates always induct experienced person for any available job, but data entry job compulsory demands experienced person. He must have exposure of database software, spreadsheets and good analyzing skills. He also equipped with good typing speed, know about MS Office, World, Excel, etc. The data entry clerk must be aware about office equipment like scanner, photocopier, fax and other devices.

Data entry clerk always concerned with documents written in English or Arabic in Dubai and other Emirates so it is necessary for this job that the person should know both languages. He should have an excellent command in English oral, written, reading and writing. Moreover, all date entry work is done through computer so English is must for this job.

Salary and other packages :
Data entry clerk jobs in Dubai earn handsome salary, but it is up to organization and its offer regarding salary. However, it is also done through negotiation between employee and employer while the salary range for this job is between AED 3500 to AED 4000. Moreover, there are some other advantages are also related with this job like accommodation and health facility. This data entry job is available in both forms like full-time and part-time in different organizations.

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