Driver, LTV Jobs in UAE

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In Dubai there are thousands of companies, institution, commercial units, organization and houses which require different types of drivers. The commercial and business units demands light transport vehicle drivers for delivery their products in other shops, malls or market. While there are other institutes, which requires light transport vehicle to pick and drop.
The job of drivers is very simple and just shifts people and goods from one place to others. There are different types of light transport vehicle like cars, small trucks, pickups, etc. Hotels drivers shift guests from airport to hotels and then back to airport. Tourist agencies arrange tours through cars or pickups. It is important and necessary for the drivers that they must know Dubai roads and highways and understand UAE traffic laws. Similarly local inhabitants also hire experienced drivers for domestic transportation.

There are different types of responsibility of light transport vehicle drivers in Dubai or entire UAE. If drivers belong to commercial or business units, then it delivers food items or other products to shops or home. Similarly hotels Chauffeurs shift visitors in different places in Dubai. Drivers in Dubai specifically light transport vehicle drivers also load, unload goods and also drive car or other vehicle. Drivers are also responsible to deliver items in different location in given time frame. It is also responsibility of the light transport vehicle driver to inspect the vehicle from time to time.

Educational level
In Dubai lights transport vehicle driver required at least high school diploma or equivalent to this. It is also vital that light transport vehicle driver must have a valid driving license. Moreover, Dubai lights transport vehicle driver must be experienced and know the UAE traffic and transportation laws. Besides this, he has good driving record without any traffic violation in UAE.

Personal qualities and behavior
Driver in Dubai usually experienced and qualified as well as having valid light transport vehicle license. It is necessary for the driver that he should be physical fit and have good driving control. Moreover, it is vital that he should be polite, honest, punctual, cooperative and aware the local laws of the United Arab Emirates.

All Dubai light transport vehicle driver jobs advertised with experience and valid license. It is also vital that the driver must have good hand-eye coordination. Dubai light transport vehicle driver must know roads and highways of Dubai. Experienced drivers in Dubai earn comparatively more than the fresh driver. The commercial organization and industries hire more skilled and qualified drivers for product distribution.

In Dubai drivers pick and drops different community and languages people, most commonly English and Arabic languages are used in daily life. So it is necessary for the drivers to understand and speak these languages because the majority of the passenger understands these languages. The traffic signs and instructions are written in these two languages.

Salary and other packages
Dubai driver jobs offer different salary packages and other facilities according to UAE rules. The home LTV drivers adjust salary package with mutual understanding, but accommodation and health facility is also provided by the employer. Usually drivers in Dubai earn about AED 2500 to AED 3000 along with other facilities. There are some driving jobs in UAE which are full-time and some are part-time, but home drivers or personal drivers are hired for round the clock.

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