Dubai Family Residence Visa Rules

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Dubai family residence visa new rules:

Dubai is now a commercial hub and business axis. This emirate hires thousands of employees from different parts of the world for different jobs. So employees or workers sometime bring their families to settle this emirate for specific time. However, families also require a valid visa from the labor ministry to enter in Dubai. According to UAE Family Residence Visa authority all deposits for visa processing, file opening fee, courier charges or any other charges will be charged through typing centre, which is confirmed by the UAE Ministry.

According to new rules for family residence visa there are some changes in different categories like required documents and other conditions. Documents required for family residence visa It is necessary that the applicant must have original documents when he/she visits typing centre in United Arab Emirates. The case may be rejected if you missed anyone original document for verification. In this office documents will be scanned into system
Details of required documents.
1. Passport copies of family members like wife and kids.
2. Color passport sized photographs of each member having white background.
3. Original passport of sponsor.
4. Original Emirate identity card.
5. Genuine marriage certificate attested from concerned authority.
6. Birth certificate attested from relevant authority like UAE embassy from sponsor
country and Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.
7. Real EJARI Certificate along with paid electricity bill.
8. Genuine MOL contract having salary of AED 4,000 or minimum salary AED 3,000
plus accommodation.
9. Salary certificate for Government, Semi Government or free zone workers.
10. International bank account number (IBAN) of sponsor.
11. Bank statement for the last three months and it should have seal and signature.
12. Daughter over 18 year requires a confirmation letter in Arabic signed by the father.

Procedure after approval of application:
Sponsor will receive SMS from authority after approval of application and he/she needs to visit the immigration (GDRFA). Similarly in case of E-visa the applicant receive message through email address. There are some countries where E-visa service is not function then original printed visa will be available from immigration office after receiving SMS.
Visa cost or charges.
1.LLC applicant. Visa fee will be AED 360 and file opening fee AED 210 which will be
received at typing center.
2.Free zone applicant. will pay AED 310 plus typing charges.
Employee who are not eligible for this visa Unskilled labor, general labor, light vehicle drivers, messengers, eye glass salesman, mechanics, etc are not titled for this family visa.

Visa holder or family member of sponsor can enter in Dubai or any other emirates of UAE within sixty days and it starts from visa issue date. If visa bearer could not enter in Dubai or any other Emirates of UAE within sixty days then this visa will renewed after paying 360 AED along typing charges. However, this family visa can only be renewed for two times. When visa holder enter into Dubai or any other Emirates then he/she needs to complete his/her medical,

Emirates identity card and visa stamping process within two months. In case the family members of sponsor are already inside UAE on visit visa or on any other visa, then they need to pay AED 1030 application fee along typing charges. The fee or charges for status changes is AED 510 with typing expenses.In case mother is sponsor, then NOC in Arabic is recommended and if husband is not in UAE, then the NOC letter is required from UAE embassy of sponsor
country and from ministry of foreign affairs in United Arab Emirates. In case the sponsor is partner or shareholder then some extra documents are required for this process. AED 3020 refundable in case of cancellation of visa deposit for every family applicant.

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