Executive Secretary / Assistant Jobs in UAE

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Dubai main commercial Emirate in Gulf and there are various companies and organization offices. These offices have various categories of job which perform different duties in these offices. The executive secretary or assistant job in Dubai offices is very fundamental because of its duties.
This job category support executive or administrative authorities by assistance in examining issues, developing reports, manage information requests, developing correspondence, welcome visitors or clients and organization meeting. Similarly, the executive secretary or assistant mange traveling, organize monthly schedule and timely handle administrative tasks. It is key function of the executive secretary or assistant to manage all pending and current official assignment in time.

Executive secretary or assistant in UAE or Dubai office plays vital role and organize whole office, but there are some key responsibility of this position such as maintaining office executive agenda, facilitate in appointments, arrangement of board meetings and related conferences. Moreover, observe meetings and maintain minutes. This position holder also handles incoming phones and convey to concern executive. He also assists in meeting and agenda planning. The executive secretary or assistant also responsible of emails, letters and faxes response. He is also deeply concern with all confidential correspondence. These office assistants responsible for office supplies and deliveries. He also makes a bridge between client and executive.

Educational level:
The executive secretary or assistant required at least high school degree or degree in business administration and if someone have additional degree or certification that will be beneficial. Moreover, this job also required relevant experience as executive assistant or administrative assistant, etc. This job also demands skills in computer knowledge, know about Micro Office and familiarity with software.

Personal qualities and behavior:
The executive secretary or assistant should be qualified, experienced and suitable for office job. Besides professional and academic qualification he must have attractive personality, good understanding level, polite behavior, positive mindset, good listener, take in time positive decision, can work under stressful condition. He must be punctual and do all his office task within time limit.

The executive secretary or assistant is main job in any office that is why this job demands more skilled and experienced individual. Along with graduation or business administration degree it also needs relative four to five year relative experience. He must know about MS Office or ordinary computer skills and can handle office equipment like fax, printer or copier machine. He must be equipped with fantastic communication ability and amazing management skills.

In Dubai two languages are common and official that is why both English and Arabic must be known by the executive secretary or assistant. The majority of clients or executives come with these two prime languages in Dubai. Moreover, all correspondences are also conveyed by these two languages. If executive secretary or assistant has additional English language certification, then it will be helpful in office tasks and report compiling.

Salary and other packages
The executive secretary or assistant job in Dubai pay differently in different organization or companies according to the policies. However, the average salary for this job is 2500 AED 2500 to 3500 AED per month, but it may be different in another organization. This executive assistant job also offers other benefits along with salary package like free residency and health facilities. This executive assistant job in UAE is full-time and sometime stretched from its schedule time.

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