Hiring Store Keeper in UAE

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Dubai and other Emirates of UAE are swiftly progressing and there are thousands of companies and industries which have different position for employees. One important position in industries and companies is storekeeper. The storekeepers initially take care of receiving industry or company equipment and shift them to warehouses. The storekeepers involved in stock organizing and storage in rooms. Similar, maintain filling and he is also responsible of documentation of goods which are released or stored. Moreover, all receipts should be arranged in stock file. The storekeeper is the man who has fully control over stockroom and warehouse.

Storekeeper jobs are more responsible in Industry, company or any other organization. The storekeeper main responsibility is to maintain record, arrange and file receipts, receives stocks, storage in warehouses. He also does some other relevant works like maintaining record, returning goods, checking packing, prices and supply to other departments. He also rotates stock in store or warehouse and manages stock levels according to company or organization need. Storekeeper is a real man who maintain and continuous supply of goods round the clock.

Educational level:
In Dubai all industries and companies induct experienced and qualified storekeepers. Usually in Emirates storekeeper job demands at least high school diploma or equaling to this qualification. It is also necessary for storekeeper to understand bookkeeping and inventory updating. He must be fantastic in written and oral communication. He should be fully aware about data entry, analysis, inventory control, record-keeping and management. It is also necessary for storekeeper to understand all office equipment like scanner, fax machine, copier and computer.

Personal qualities and behavior:
Storekeeper is a man who frequently interacts with other staff or company members and face quires in daily basis. So it is necessary that he must have well in dealing and behave politely. It is also necessary that he must be honest, truthful, loyal and issue resolver. Personally he likes his profession and deal smoothly. He should be fully aware about stock and maintain stock according to the requirement of the organization.

Storekeeper job usually filled by experienced and qualified individuals. This job demands at least two to three years relevant experience in national or multinational companies. Moreover, it is necessary for the storekeeper that he must have basic knowledge of store keeping and he should be physically fit to handle objects from one place to another. Dubai companies prefer experienced storekeeper because they facilitate company through providing all required items in time.

In Dubai and other Emirates storekeeper job are important and only this knows about stock. So it is necessary for storekeeper to understand English because products tag, instruction, price, expiry dates all mentioned in English. To handle product easily and conveniently without any mishap it is compulsory to understand English. In this way English and Arabic are necessary for storekeeper to smoothly run his job.

Salary and other packages :
The storekeepers job in United Arab Emirates offers well salary package, but usually it depends upon companies and organization. However, the average salary package for this job in Dubai is in between AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 per month. Similarly, other facilities like accommodation and health facility is related to this job according to company policy. The storekeeper job is a full-time job in entire United Arab Emirates and sometime this job stretched from the normal time then company pay overtime.

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