How To Apply For Driving License In Dubai

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Driving license is mandatory for a person to drive a car legally anywhere in the world.

To get a driving license is not an easy task throughout the world but it is especially difficult to get it in Dubai as Dubai’s driving license is known for its high standards.

There are 36 countries which are certified by UAE that have high standards of driving in them. People having nationalities of these countries can exchange their driving license issued by their country for Dubai’s driving license.

These countries include Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from Middle east region and include Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Norway, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Greece*, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Finland and Portugal from Europe while Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea*, Japan* from Asia and other countries like South Africa, Canada*, the United States of America, New Zealand and Australia.

You need to have following documents to apply for Dubai’s license:

Original and copy of Passport with residence stamp & valid visa
Eye Test
No Objection Certificate from employer
8 photographs

To get Dubai license first of all you need to verify original document and prove your residency in Dubai. Next thing you will need is to go through an eye test from an optician or driving school. You will need to attend a driving school and start taking classes.

You will fill a form for driving license and submit to RTA (Roads and Transport authority) in which driving school will guide you out. After submitting form you will get temporary driving license which is essential to applying for driving license. There will be some tests conducted by driving school after classes.
When you pass the tests, you will go through theory test and road test which are the final stages before getting your driving license.

Start schooling at any driving school. Take classes and pass the internal tests. After these test you have to apply for Theory test which cost around 200 Dirham. Theory test include 35 questions out of which 17 are about traffic rules and traffic scenarios.

Minimum score requirement to pass this section is 11. The left 18 questions are dedicated to the type driving license required e.g. LTV and HTV etc will have their own questions. Minimum score requirement to pass this section is 12 question.

After this theory test you need to take road test which also costs around 200 dirham. The documents required on the road test day are as follow:

Original Passport
Driving file
2 photos

This road test is the most difficult test although 4 candidates are assigned to a single RTA inspector and you have a really short road test. If you cannot clear road test for any reason, you will have to join the driving school again for a minimum of 8 classes and apply for the test again.

After collecting passing paper from inspector submit your id and approval paper along with a fee of 100 dirham to pass counter. After the processing time you can collect your driving license.

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