Immigration to Canada

Canada is considered to be one of the best places to live in. People from different religions, races and places are migrating to Canada and are enjoying their livings. Canada is a country that is mostly famously known for its multi culture. One can find different cultures over there. Pakistanis, Indians, Americans, Chinese’s and Philippines are comparatively migrating to Canada in large number.

The reason behind its popularity behind immigration is the positive attitude of Canadian government towards new immigrants. They provide them pleasant environment and opportunities to live and work. In 2008, more than 245.000 people migrated to Canada. It is no doubt a considerably large number of migrants.

Canadian government is assisting new immigrants to establish their selves in a better way. They introduced many different programs in this regard. CIC is one of these programs. CIC stands for “Citizenship and immigration to Canada”. This program has some rules and policies to make the process of immigration smooth and easy for new immigrants. According to the CIC record, skilled word visa is more in demand. There are some rules to get skills work visa for Canada. Applicant must obtain 76 points to be qualified for visa. Applicant must be good in language, qualification, work experience and age etc to get these points.

Applicant must have professional experience of minimum 1 year according to the CIC defined criteria. CIC professional category includes 38 professions that are having more scope in Canada.

Other than this, there are also some other kinds of visas for Canada that are discussed below.

Student visa: First of all you need to apply in any college or university of Canada and then contact your local Canadian immigration office to get permit for studies over there. After completing your studies/course in Canada you’ll be eligible to apply for residence visa.

Family visa: Getting family visa for Canada is very easy if you already have a blood relation lining in Canada having residence permit. It makes this process very smooth and easy. It just takes a little time to process your application.

Work visa: If you get a job offer from any Canadian company then getting a visa is just like a piece of cake because that company will get you work visa. You don’t need to follow hectic procedure of getting visa. After going and working there, you can easily apply for residence permit. This residence permit will allow you to stay up to 2 years in Canada.

Getting Canadian visa is not so difficult. You just have to wait a little to complete the process according to the type of visa you want to get. This process becomes more easy if you now each and every thing in detail. Try to gather information from all available sources such as embassy, online or visa agents etc.

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